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Solutions from the world's leading experts and thought leaders FranklinCovey South Africa helps organisations achieve new and better results by helping employees change their behaviours. Our solutions consist of a wide range of development solutions, methods and tools.

Most people you speak to have heard of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People and when you say the name FranklinCovey, this is what people think of. But FranklinCovey is so much more than one amazing leadership philosophy, it’s a global company specialising in performance improvement by helping organisations achieve results through a change in human behaviour. FranklinCovey South Africa is a 100% Black-owned organisation with Level 1 BBBEE status and SETA Accreditation.

One of the top 20 leadership development companies in the world, our Mission is to enable greatness in people and organisations everywhere. Our solutions consist of a wide range of methods, tools and knowledge in strategy execution, sales, culture change, sustainable productivity, personal development and leadership.

We have over 2,000 employees worldwide in +100 countries. The assignments are always about the same thing. To achieve new and better results, in a sustainable way with strong commitment from employees.
Basically, it’s about building cultures. We believe that most things in an organisation can be copied: systems, processes, products, pricing models, etc. But it is not as easy to copy a good and sustainable culture. Culture becomes the ultimate competitive advantage. And the culture is neither more nor less than the sum of the employees’ behaviour, stated and unspoken values ​​as well as the norms and principles that the organisation works towards.

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